Fire System Inspections

Fire System Inspections

Service Overview

What We Inspect

Fire Sprinkler:

  • Inspect fire sprinkler for coverage, obstructions and condition per NFPA 25
  • Test flow and tamper switches for proper operation and confirm transmission to central station notification.
  • Provide written report of all inspection testing for our records noting any deficiencies as required.

Fire Alarm:

  • Functional testing of all the system and devices for compliance NFPA 72.
  • Comprehensive visual review of your systems.
  • Verification of notification to central station.
  • Generate a report of acceptable items and or deficiencies as required.

Fire Pump:

  • Full flow fire pump test and inspections.
  • Provide a report on fire pump performance.

Fire Extinguisher:

  • Fire extinguisher inspection and tags per NFPA 10.
  • Visual inspection of fire extinguishers.


  • Annual test and inspection of backflows per water department.
  • Reports will be submitted to the water department on your behalf.

FM 200 Clean Agent System:

  • Inspect and test all control equipment.
  • Inspect and test all detection and notification equipment.
  • Inspection performed per NFPA 72.

Kitchen Hood:

  • Inspect and test of kitchen hood systems.
  • Verify alarm notification to the fire alarm panel.
  • Inspection performed per NFPA 96.